PC2100 is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products that meet their expectations. To back up this commitment, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products.

Coverage time:

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects in the products for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

Defect Coverage:

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects in PC2100 products. It does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect.


This guarantee does not cover:

• Products that have been installed by unauthorized persons.

• Products that have been used in abnormal or abusive conditions (example: damaging the product when taking it out of the box).

• Products that have been damaged by external causes, such as accidents or natural disasters.

NOTE: Before shipping, each product is tested to ensure that it is in excellent condition for use.


Examples of manufacturing defects:

Some examples of manufacturing defects that are covered by this warranty include:

• Products that do not function properly due to an error in materials or workmanship.

• Products that have missing or damaged parts

• Products that have cosmetic defects that affect the functionality of the product.   

Replacement process:    

To request a replacement, the customer must contact PC2100 within the coverage period. The customer must provide proof of purchase and a description of the defect accompanied by a video/image.    

Upon receipt of the request, PC2100 will review the defect to determine if it is covered by warranty. If covered, a delivery note will be issued for the customer to reship the product for replacement.


For more information about this warranty or to request a replacement, the customer can contact PC2100 at info@pc2100.net

PC2100 is committed to providing its customers with the best possible shopping experience. This guarantee is a sign of our commitment.